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Naveen Cavale, a Real Plastic Surgeon

As the company name suggests, he is passionate that cosmetic surgery patients see a 'Real' surgeon i.e. one that is properly trained and qualified, not only in safely carrying out your procedure, but also able to deal with any situation arising after surgery And all at a price that is fair and affordable

Meet Nav Cavale, a Real Plastic Surgeon

Naveen Cavale is a fully accredited Plastic Surgeon (on the UK Specialist Register, equivalent to USA Board Certified) who trained and qualified in London. He has an NHS Plastic & Reconstructive practice in King's College Hospital, London as well as a Private Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery practice in Central London .

Nav puts patients first, with the emphasis being on safety. He is keen to put you at ease and will never 'sell' surgery to you. He never rushes consultations and you will only ever be offered a procedure that is wholly appropriate for you.

Mr. Cavale prefers and encourages natural results as he believes these are both longer lasting, and less likely to cause problems in the long run. He is on the GMC Specialist Register for Plastic Surgery, and is a full member of BAPRAS, BAAPS and ISAPS. He is fully insured via Paragon, a UK-based indemnity company, specialising in plastic surgeons.

Nav is passionate that cosmetic surgery patients see a 'Real' surgeon i.e. one that is properly trained and qualified, not only in carrying out your procedure, but also able to properly deal with any situation arising after surgery (expected or unexpected).

If he cannot deal with the issue himself, and you require another specialist, he will gladly refer you on to one of his large network of similarly highly qualified colleagues - this is one of the great advantages of working in the NHS.

Please see his work for yourself. Read his reviews and look at before and after photographs.

He has recently taken his reconstructive skills to other parts of the world where they are desperately needed - the work has been featured on BBC World, in the UK press, in The Mirror and The Guardian, as well as the UK Government's DfID website - read Naveen's own account here.

Training the next generation of plastic surgeons is hugely important and Naveen has set up the world's most popular knowledge-sharing website for trainee plastic surgeons, to help them prepare for their pre-consultant exams.

He enjoys tinkering with gadgetry - this inspired the research for his MSc degree and he has presented and published extensively in the international plastic surgery literature.

He thinks of himself as a bit of a geek and can be found tweeting @plasreconsurg

Naveen is married with two children, and lives in South London.

Hospital Privileges:

Mr. Cavale has admitting rights at the following London Hospitals:

Cadogan Clinic, Sloane Square,  London

Weymouth Street Hospital, London

The Shard, London Bridge Hospital

Princess Grace Hospital, London

London Welbeck Hospital

Highgate Hospital, London

BMI Shirley Oaks, Croydon



So, what exactly is a 'Real Plastic Surgeon'?

The UK has the ridiculous situation whereby anyone with even the most basic surgery qualification can call themselves a Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon, Aesthetic Surgeon, Consaultant and so forth. With non-surgical treatment such as fillers, the situation is even worse.

Anyone can inject fillers into someone else, provided they have permission. So it is therefore perfectly legal for a GP to do a tummy tuck or a plumber to inject you with filler in the UK!

Real Plastic Surgeon
Real Plastic Surgeon

To put things in perspective

Animals in the UK appear to have better protection! Even the most highly qualified surgeon cannot operate on an animal without the appropriate Home Office licenses, and quite rightly so - this protects animals from illegal experimantation and cruelty. But, we as humans, are not so lucky in the UK...

Thankfully, things are improving

The Royal College of Surgeons has made a really good start at setting up a register of surgeons who are qualified to carry out particular cosmetic procedures (for example, only properly qualified plastic surgeons, ENT surgeons, Maxillofacial surgeons shoud be allowed to perform rhinoplasty) and you can see their document here, but at the moment the plan isn't for the register to be compulsory, so the public are still vulnerable to 'Cowboy Traders' out there - see Mr Cavale commenting on BBC News and on Sky News recently.

Real Plastic Surgeon
Real Plastic Surgeon

So, what should you look out for when it comes to choosing a surgeon?

The list below should help you:

  • On the GMC Specialist Register - this means that your surgeon is properly trained, qualified, and specialised. This is also a requirement to be a consultant in the NHS.

Before and After Photos

Implants & Areola Reduction

Implants and Areola Reduction

PIP Implant Revision

PIP Implant Revision

Implants for Tuberous Breasts

Implants for Tuberous Breasts



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Rhinoplasty - Open

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