Thinking about a nose-job? You'd better be prepared to be a very patient patient!

'It's helped my vocal range': X Factor's James Arthur reveals his nose job has made him a better singer… live on BBC's The One Show

Mr. Cavale has been given permission by his rhinoplasty patient, singer, James Arthur, to share this story with you. James had a very damaged nose - surgery revealed it to be due to trauma, as James has himself publicly spoken about. A lot of the delicate structures within the nose were out of place. Mr. Cavale's surgery involved putting these structures back, exactly where they should be. At the same time there was the issue of not affecting James' singing voice! Thankfully, all went very well with his surgery, Nav says  'It wasn't easy - James' nose was pretty badly damaged, one of the worst that I've seen! It isn't often that I stop smiling during surgery, but this was definitely one such occasion'.

And at the time of this post (20th May 2017), all remains  very well. Still early days for James, noses take a very long time (often more than a year) to settle down properly.

Moral of the story: If you are considering a nose-job, you'd better be prepared to be a patient patient!

Needless to say, James has been a model patient to date. Nav is also back to smiling again!

Read the Daily Mail article and see the BBC's One Show clip here


War doesn't just create bullet wounds, blast injuries and burns - a lot worse that is left behind - the superbugs take over from the missiles and bombs.

Mr. Cavale has just returned from the 1st ever Conference on Global Conflict Medicine, held in Beirut.

World renowned journalist and 'Ottoman correspondent' Robert Fisk covered the event in the UK's Independent newspaper, at which Nav Cavale also proudly presented the IDEALS/MAP charities' work in Gaza.

Read Robert Fisk's account in The Independent, here


Botox and fillers: Are these 'tweakments' all they're cracked up to be?

Dr Naveen Cavale, spokesperson from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, told Watchdog, "I would be very hesitant to inject anyone with Botox or fillers under the age of 35 years-old. Over-using Botox can cause the eyebrow to droop, which we call brow-descent. When you inject fillers into the skin it is being stretched more than it would be naturally. This extra stretching along with the normal effects of gravity makes these areas droop over time. Your skin could also end up more thinned out in the long run. When it comes to having treatment at a young age, I’d be really careful about it. You’re setting yourself up for more problems later in life."

Helen Collins reports.


Mr Cavale: 'Animals have got more protection' - Crackdown On Aggressive Plastic Surgery Ads

Surgeons that flout new guidelines to protect consumers from unscrupulous promotions could be struck off the medical register. New guidelines to protect consumers from aggressive cosmetic surgery marketing are to come into force. Doctors will be told they must not offer procedures through discounts, time-limited deals, refer-a-friend offers, gift vouchers, loyalty cards, or as a prize. To view video, click here


What exactly is a REAL Plastic Surgeon?

The UK has the ridiculous situation whereby anyone with even the most basic surgery qualification can call themselves a Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon, Aesthetic Surgeon and so forth. With non-surgical treatment such as fillers, the situation is even worse.

Anyone can inject fillers into someone else, provided they have permission. So it is therefore perfectly legal for a GP to do a tummy tuck or a plumber to inject you with filler in the UK! - view document.


A war within a war: The battles fought by Gaza's medics

The huge task of rebuilding parts of Gaza after the recent war with Israel will be the focus of an international conference in Cairo this weekend. The 50-day conflict caused massive damage and thousands of casualties, overwhelming Gaza's hospitals.

Neither Dr Naveen Cavale or Dr Simon Calvert had ever seen anything like it. Read more.


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