Implants for Tuberous Breasts

This lady had very tuberous breasts - they were very pointy with nipples protruding (Areola herniation). A very early result shown here but it demonstrates a lot of important things about implants under the muscle, scars on the breasts and uplifts.

Submuscular implants via an inframammary incision using Allergan Natrelle TRF365 Textured Round Implants. The inframammary crease and lower breast tissue was freed up through the same incision. Circumareolar mastopexy (breasts lifted by removing a ring of skin around the nipples).

Note that because this is an early result, the implants are still sitting a little high - they will drop down with time and also with the use of a breast band. Close-up photos showing the scars around the nipples - these are still new and therefore pink, but the pinkness will fade with time.