Breast Augmentation with Implants

All of these cases use Nav Cavale's 'signature' technique for breast augmentation. This involves a muscle-split method whereby the pectoralis major muscle is split along its natural lines - this is not only less painful, it also produces less risk of bleeding, bruising and pain, so recovery seems quicker. The incisions are hidden under the breast, and kept as small as possible with the use of a 'Keller Funnel'. Surgery usually takes an hour and is performed under general anaesthetic (using the TIVA technique with BIS monitoring).

You wake up from your anaesthetic, wearing a support bra and a breast band (an elastic strap that pushes the breasts and implants down. You will wear this for 6 weeks, 24/7. You can go home the same day, and no drains arre used. You will be given painkillers and antibiotics to take home.

You can shower the next day after surgery - the paper-tape dressings can get wet in the shower (not soaked in a bath please), and you can use normal soap and shampoo to wash. The dressings are patted dry with clean tissue (or dried with a hair-drier on the cold setting). This will make you feel all that morer human!

You will return a week after surgery to see the clinic nurse. The dressings will be rreoved to check your incision lines, and a new dressing is usually put back on, for a few more days. You usually catch up with Nav 6 weeks after surgery, when he will let you know if it is safe to stop wearing the band. 

It is a very good idea to keep wearing a support bra 24/7 forever! You can wear whatever bra you like for the odd occasion, bikinis on holiday etc. You can even go without a bra every now and again. But wearing a support bra 24/7 will almost certainly keep your breasts from drooping as much, so they will look younger for longer. You might also avoid the need for an uplift in the future (more cost, more scars).

As you scroll through these examples, please keep in mind that they are all differrent body-types, with different implant shapes and sizes, so none of them will represent exactly how you might look. But they can give you an idea of what to expect.

Thank you to all of these patients for consenting to use of theor photos here - I am sure our future patients really appreciate this.